H2Oath: Utah’s Water-Wise Pledge


Summer’s winding down, but it’s still hot. Here’s a tip to stay cool—take the H2Oath. The Utah Division of Water Resources is holding its fourth annual “H2Oath: Utah’s
Water-Wise Pledge” competition among Utah’s colleges and universities. Also known as the “H2Oath: Water War,” the competition raises awareness for water-wise behavior.

The school that gets the most students, faculty, alumni and fans to take the online oath , wins a $5,000 grant to be awarded to the department or program most closely related to water conservation.

“We want to see which school has the most water-wise fans, and this is a fun way to find out,” said Todd Adams, deputy director of the division. “Utah State has won two out of three years, and I think they’ll win again, but I am definitely biased. Let’s go Aggies!”

“This water war really brings the heat. You don’t want to see your university lose and with football season here, this is another great way to show your fandom and support for your school. Go Utes,” said Marcie Larson, the division’s water efficiency, education and engagement section manager.

Oath takers are asked to commit to nine simple water-wise practices, including watering no more than what the division’s Weekly Lawn Watering Guide recommends, which is posted during the irrigation season on the division’s Facebook page or SlowTheFlow.org.

Schools can really rack up big numbers by spreading the word through their social media, school newspaper or even announcing it at sporting events. The division encourages participants to let their friends know via social media when they take the H2Oath, using the hashtags #H2Oath #WaterWar. Participants are also encouraged to tag the school they selected.

Start spreading the word and commit to be water-wise – it takes less than 30 seconds to take the oath (less time than it takes to check your Instagram). Take the oath at water.utah.gov/H2Oath. The competition runs through Oct. 20, 2019.