Fuel tank upgrade


To better meet the needs of campus, Fleet Services is working with the state to upgrade fuel tank facilities in early June, enhancing stations to make refueling easier, safer and more convenient. The project will be executed in two phases and is set for completion on July 27.

A new fuel tank will be installed on June 9, bringing the facility up to current standards and giving users convenient 24/7 access to pumps. The site will offer unleaded and diesel fuel at an average of $0.05 cheaper than outside vendors, for use in state and university vehicles. Private vehicles are, unfortunately, excluded.

Located just east of the Fleet Services building (formerly motor pool) on the north side of South Campus Drive, the site is the only fuel station on campus. The new pumps will be placed slightly to the west of the site’s current location to allow for easier access to both sides of the station.

After the new tank is placed, the site will be closed from June 12 to July 13 to allow crews to remove the old, existing tanks. A temporary fence will house the construction site, creating a minimal impact on the parking lot adjacent to the fuel station and the Fleet Services and VTRUSB buildings.

Those who regularly use the fuel pumps are encouraged to fill up their tanks fully, prior to the station’s shutdown on June 12. In the interim, patrons may fuel up at stations that accept the university’s fuel card. There are several in the area, the closest of which is the Sinclair gas station/Top Stop convenience store at 1300 south and Foothill Drive.

While the fuel station is owned and maintained by the State of Utah Fuel Program, the university’s Fleet Services department helps oversee services. Questions about the project, or other questions related to campus vehicle use, rentals and maintenance, may be directed to Dave Rees at david.rees@utah.edu.