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Free Mindfulness Center offerings

Space is available in the following Mindfulness Center workshops. 

Space is available in the following Mindfulness Center workshops.

Feel Better Now: A free mental health workshop

Participants will learn a variety of effective and practical skills they can use to manage anxiety and stress, decrease sadness and increase focus. See our Feel Better Now overview for more information about the content and the dates/times of each workshop.  Feel Better Now is open to all students, staff and faculty of the University of Utah. Additional information about the Mindfulness Center’s programs can be found here.

The “Feel Better Now” workshop series includes a set of 4 modules that are covered over the course of 4 weeks. It is highly recommended that participants start attending the workshop at module one, but the modules may be attended in any order and may be repeated.  Different “Feel Better Now” offerings are available Monday – Friday. All participants must register online here.

Coping with COVID Chaos

This free workshop for all students and is designed to help participants gain skills to help manage anxiety and low mood, as well as works to strengthen relationships, increase self- compassion and connect with others.

This workshop consists of three, hour long modules. While it is recommended that participants begin with module 1, registrants can join at any time during the series.  Series starts March 30th and runs through April 13th from 3-4 PM.

Students do not need to be UCC clients to attend this workshop. Please contact and see the Coping with COVID Chaos flyer for more information.  All participants must register online to attend.The modules cover the following objectives:

Module 1: Coping skills & Mindfulness

  • Emotions, thoughts, physical sensations
  • Coping with anxiety and stress
  • Introduction to Mindfulness

Module 2: Uncertainty and Self- Compassion

  • Coping with uncertainty and building resiliency
  • Organization, planning and routine
  • Increasing Self- compassion
  • Balancing needs and values

Module 3: Connecting Self and Others

  • Impact of COVID on relationships
  • Coping and communication skills
  • Relationship strengthening and connecting with others