Form 1095-Cs are now available in CIS


If you are in a full-time, benefit-eligible position or in a part-time position and enrolled in the University’s Employee Health Care Plan, you will receive a Form 1095-C.  This form confirms the University’s offer of health coverage to you and your enrollment (if enrolled), together with an enrollment confirmation for any other enrolled family members.

If you signed up to receive your form electronically, log into CIS at and click on the “Benefits Information” tile.  If you have not elected to receive your form electronically, you can make your election in this same section.  1095-C Forms for employees who did not elect to receive them electronically will be mailed later this week.

For information about Form 1095-C, see University Human Resource Management’s web page at

While you’re in CIS, check your mailing address so you don’t miss your Open Enrollment packet coming in May.  Click on the “Change Bio/Demo Info” tile to check your mailing address, preferred name, and emergency contacts.