Energize your week with a free Pepsi Power Pack


Kick your second week of back-to-school off with a complimentary Pepsi Power Pack. On Monday, Aug. 31 from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. the main Campus Store will be offering these snack kits to all students, staff and faculty for free. Each Power Pack comes with a Munchies peanut sleeve, a Gatorade G2 bar and a 20 oz Pepsi beverage of choice. Simply swing by the Campus Store between classes, lectures, or meetings and swoop up one these deliciously filling snack packs.

We know you’ll love the new Pepsi Power Pack for a quick bite mid-day, so beginning Tuesday, Sept. 1 we’ll be selling them for just $5. This kit is the most convenient and substantial spread you can get on campus for under five bucks. So next time you’re rushing from class to class, or heading to night class after a long day, just stop by and grab a quick Pepsi Power Pack to-go.