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Dream Center interim director named

Raquel Cetz Tamayo is now the interim director of the Dream Center.

headshot of Raquel Cetz Tamayo (She/Ella/Ko’olel) smiling into the camera with a dark blue background. She has black hair just below her shoulders and is wearing a pink blouse with dark blazer.Raquel Cetz Tamayo (She/Ella/Ko’olel), the current program coordinator for the Dream Center, is now serving as the interim director of the center. A first-generation graduate, Cetz Tamayo is a proud daughter of immigrants and a DACAmented professional. She is a California State University, Northridge alumna who double majored in Political Science: Law and Society and Chicana/o/x Studies. Cetz Tamayo said she is honored to work for the University of Utah’s Dream Center and understands how student advocacy, intentional community building and trust are necessary in order to ensure the immigrant student population is holistically supported.

Cetz Tamayo is passionate about ensuring intergenerational efforts continue striving to bring dignity, respect and recognition to immigrant communities and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve the Dream Center in this capacity.

Former Dream Center director, Xris Macias, left the U on Feb. 15, 2022. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) thanks Raquel for her time, passion and leadership during this transition and her work to continue supporting DACA/mented, undocumented and allied students during this transition. The Dream Center will continue to ensure the immigrant student population is served as EDI begins a national search for a center director.