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Desh Gaskins receives award from NODA

Desh Gaskins, assistant director for Orientation and Transition at the University of Utah, has received the 2024 Region III Outstanding New Orientation, Transition, and Retention Professional Award from NODA – Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education.

Gaskins came to the U in January 2023 and is passionate about student success and retention efforts. Through developing social and academic programs for students, Gaskins has developed a love for advising students and helping them develop their leadership skills. It is important to him to create a warm and welcoming environment for new students and families at the U.

NODA, originally the National Orientation Directors Association, is an international association dedicated to enriching the fields of orientation, transition, and retention in higher education. According to the NODA website, the Outstanding New Orientation, Transition, And Retention Professional Award recognizes outstanding contributions of a NODA professional to the field of orientation, transition, and retention.

The professional’s contributions should include “demonstrated commitment to and promise of becoming a leader in the field of orientation, transition, and retention; innovative contributions to the individual’s institution; active participation in NODA; and/or other significant contributions to the field.” Recipients of this award must have worked professionally in the field of higher education for less than five years. 

Originally from Lancaster, VA, Gaskins attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA, to obtain a Bachelor’s in Sport Administration and a Master’s in Public Administration. Gaskins enjoys giving back to his community and staying up to date on the latest entertainment news.