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Connect and contribute: Join the State of Wellness & Mental Health Town Hall

Students, faculty and staff are invited to join the State of Wellness & Mental Health Town Hall on Feb. 27, 2024, taking place in person at the Union Ballroom or virtually via Zoom. Click here to register for a virtual session. You must register with UMail account.

This session, hosted by Student Affairs, will focus on gaining deeper insights into the needs of our students and providing essential information about the existing health and wellness services.

Numerous studies show a correlation between academic success and student health and wellness. The Healthy Minds survey conducted indicates higher numbers of students experiencing mental health concerns and other health-related issues at the University of Utah compared to the previous year.

“We know our students need to have their health and wellness needs met in order to thrive academically,” said Dr. Sherra’ Watkins. “But we also recognize each student’s unique needs and the different challenges they face throughout their academic journey. We envision this town hall to serve as a platform where students, with diverse backgrounds, values and perspectives, can share their experiences and contribute to shaping the future of our health and wellness services.”

The session will feature a comprehensive overview of the 2023 Wellness and Mental Health campus data, and provide updates from all health and wellness departments, including insights from the University Counseling Center, Center for Campus Wellness, Student Health Center, Center for Disability and Access and Campus Recreation Services. Representatives from each department will be present to address questions and share valuable information.

The town hall will also facilitate an open dialogue, providing faculty, staff, and students with an opportunity to voice their feedback and concerns. Attendees are encouraged to join the conversation and share their experiences, concerns and recommendations regarding navigation, access and the need for additional resources. Participation in this dialogue will enable university leaders to identify existing gaps in awareness and accessibility.

Recognizing the importance of wellness and mental health in academic success, the university is committed to providing resources that address the needs of our growing and evolving student population. Through this town hall, our goal is to cultivate a culture where the diverse perspectives of the campus community contribute to the ongoing enhancement of existing health and wellness services. Together, we can create a campus culture where every student feels empowered throughout their health and wellness journey at the U.