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Compassion + connection: a two-night event

Learn how to build self-compassion and community well-being in this online world during this two night one event open to all students.

Compassion + Connection: A Two-Night Event, is a workshop hosted by the Mindfulness Center and Change Coalition.  It is offered by zoom meeting (invitation provided after registration) for all students.  The workshop is designed to introduce participants to mindful strategies for enhancing self-care and community care practices.  Come learn effective tools for navigating the unique pressures and challenges of developing communities exclusively online. The workshop is free and all participants must register online to attend.

The two part workshop is offered on Feb. 17 and 24, 2021, from 6-7:30 p.m.  All participants must register online here.  The modules cover the following learning goals:

Module One: Compassion 

    • Building self-compassion
    • Developing self-care practices
    • Navigating self-compassion with marginalized identities
    • Cultivating circles of connection

Module Two: Connection

    • Building community connections
    • Connecting in an online world
    • Practicing self and community care, while seeking campus involvement
    • Navigating activism and burnout