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Cognitive coaching: For students with ADHD or ADHD-like symptoms

Students do not need to be UCC clients to attend this workshop.

This free workshop for undergraduate and graduate students is designed to help students to gain practical skills to help with planning, organization, time management, distractibility and procrastination.

This workshop meets for four weeks, and it is highly recommended that participants start at module one, if possible. However, participants can join at any time and may repeat the series, as desired.

Tuesdays, Feb. 4-25, @ 5:30-7 p.m.

Students do not need to be UCC clients to attend this workshop. For more information, please contact fharris@sa.utah.eduAll participants must register online to attend. The modules cover the following learning objectives:

Module 1:

o   Focus on organization & planning

o   Importance of knowing and setting goals

o   Setting SMART goals

o   Learning to effectively use a calendar & task list

Module 2:

o   Effective problem-solving

o   SMART actions and action plans

o   Managing distractibility

o   Time management and procrastination

o   Realistic time management and chunking

o   Using a timer, cues and other techniques

Modules 3 & 4:

o   Focus on cognitive restructuring

o   Positive “self-coaching”

o   Learning how to identify and dispute negative and/or unhelpful thoughts