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Celebrating DesignBuild at the U

For over 20 years, instructors and students at the University of Utah School of Architecture have constructed an extensive body of design-build work through the DesignBuild program. This work has been established in two regions—the Four Corners area which includes the town of Bluff and communities within the Navajo Nation, and in Salt Lake City. Design-build takes designers out of the studio and into the field and opens important terrain to reimagine disciplinary bounds between architects and builders and the communities they serve.

The 20th  anniversary of the School of Architecture’s engagement in design-build creates an opportunity to reflect on the significance this experience has had on the architectural education of hundreds of graduate students in the School of Architecture, as well as to honor the instructors and founders of this program and the extraordinary partnerships and support that has made the DesignBuild program impactful on many levels.

Anniversary events included a panel discussion at the School of Architecture and a community-engaged workshop with alumni and instructors at the Bluff campus. 

A retrospective exhibit was designed and built as part of the school’s lecture series, entitled “Crafting Materiality/Examining Construction: New Dimensions in Design and Building.” 

The exhibit is located at the American Institute of Architects Utah, 280 400 W #150, Salt Lake City. It will be on display through May 3 and can be viewed during normal business hours. The upcoming AIA Utah Reflexion Magazine will feature a story on the history and current activities of DesignBuild in the School of Architecture at the U.