Box user interface change on June 7


On June 7, 2021, UIT will enable a new user interface (UI) for all University of Utah Box accounts.

A new organization feature called Box Collections will be added. Though no existing features will be removed with the new Box UI, the location of a few key actions will change.

Box Collections

With Box Collections, users can create and name private collections of content, and manage and organize files and folders in a customized and meaningful way. Please visit this vendor website for more information.

Navigation changes

When a user selects a folder row in Box, the Share button previously located on the right side of the app in the folder detail pane will now appear as a primary action in the top action bar.

The ability to add an item to Favorites will move from the top-left breadcrumb to the top-right of the action bar, where users may add an item to Favorites or My Collections.

All action buttons in the action bar will be optimized for display based on top actions selected in Box. Previous actions will still accessible in the top action bar. To see the full list of actions, users will simply select the ellipsis (…) button.

More information

Box users may request to have their accounts moved to the new UI before the university-wide rollout by opening a ticket with the UIT Help Desk at 801-581-4000, option 1, or