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Apply for a Global Learning Across the Disciplines (GLAD) Grant

Deadline to submit a pre-proposal: October 9, 2020.

GLAD grants are transforming the curriculum at the U by providing access to global learning for all U students! Our students need global and intercultural competencies to effectively work and live in an increasingly interconnected world. The GLAD goal is to educate future leaders who have the skills and knowledge to collaborate with individuals from cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives different from their own to address complex issues that transcend borders.

This year, OGE made a change to the GLAD Grant guidelines: instead of only teams of faculty eligible to apply to integrate global learning into an entire program of study, the competition is now also open to individual faculty interested in revising one or two courses to include global learning outcomes and assessment. Faculty may also use a GLAD grant to develop a virtual international exchange or collaborative online international learning (COIL) course, which involves working with a faculty member at an institution abroad to co-design course activities that allow students in both locations to interact virtually.

Individual faculty may apply for up to $2,500 and faculty teams for up to $10,000. More information can be found at:

A committee will select pre-proposals that qualify for submission of a full proposal.

Please contact Dr. Sabine C. Klahr, Associate Chief Global Officer, at or 801-587-8888 to discuss your idea for a pre-proposal or get advice for your proposed project.


In spring semester 2021, the pre-proposal deadline is: February 12, 2021.