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Access the New York Times online

This program will trial for 12 months.

For many years the Collegiate Readership Fee has funded access to Newspapers for University of Utah students. Last year ASUU Student Leaders facilitated a survey to a sample of students asking if they would be interested in an online news option instead. Many students indicated interest in an online option, rather than the current/previous readership program which solely featured paper copies around campus.

For the first time ever, the Collegiate Readership Fee will be used to bring news access to students online. This program will trial for one year (12 months), so students are encouraged to utilize this resource now. A chance to offer feedback on this online program will come later this year. This NYT online subscription program replaces the USA Today subscription (hard copy papers around campus).

We hope this new option will be a more relevant news option for students. The program is funded by the Collegiate Readership Fee for students. Academic Affairs and Human Resources have also contributed funds so that faculty and staff can enjoy access as well. Here is how students, faculty and staff can utilize this program now.

Log in instructions :

  1. Go to and look up “University of Utah – Salt Lake City, UT”
  2. Click the blue Go button at the bottom of the page
  3. Log into the campus network
  4. On the NYT registration page, click Create Account button
  5. Input information
  6. Click Create Account button

This is for initial registration only. Once registered, you can go directly to to log in and view content.

Access to the New York Times can also be found on the Marriott Library’s Database Page by going to then go to “Database” tab, click “N” and scroll to the “New York Times” entry and click on the link and follow the instructions above to create an account. Click here for more information.