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Academics for Black Survival and Wellness

Registration for the 2021 Academics for Black Survival and Wellness opens May 24th.

After announcing its first call to action in June 2020, Academics for Black Survival and Wellness (A4BL) is back.

A4BL is a personal and professional development initiative for non-Black academics to honor the toll of racial trauma on Black people, resist anti-Blackness and white supremacy and facilitate accountability and collective action. A4BL is also a space for healing and wellness for Black people.

Learn more and get involved with A4BL here.

The Black wellness content from 2020 is accessible now and on June 1st, the anti-racism training content from last year will also be available.

From Juneteenth, on June 19th, to July 3rd, A4BL will have new Black wellness and anti-racism training content, events and workshops that will be synchronous and asynchronous.

Registration for 2021 A4BL opens on May 24th.