Academic Senate committee faculty survey coming soon


The Senate Advisory Committee on University Strategic Planning wants to hear from you! In the coming weeks, a survey for all faculty members will be available on @theU. Survey responses will help further the university’s mission, vision and prestige now and in the years to come. Keep a lookout for the article announcing the opening of the survey.

About the Senate Advisory Committee on University Strategic Planning

The Senate Advisory Committee on University Strategic Planning (SACUSP) members include 12 tenure-line or career-line faculty, the university president, the senior vice president of Academic Affairs, the senior vice president of Health Sciences, the Academic Senate president, the Academic Senate president-elect and the Academic Senate past president.

The committee’s duties include providing a forum for individual faculty members to submit information on long term strategic budget and planning; representing views and interests of all faculty in matters related to long term strategic planning for the institution; consulting with the university administration on developing a transparent process for long-term strategic planning; providing the university administration with input to all strategic planning initiatives that the administration should refer to the committee for review; identify and bring to the attention of the Academic Senate various long-range, strategic issues, decisions and challenges that should be addressed in furthering the university‚Äôs missions and positioning the university to be responsive to the demands of a changing and competitive environment.

To learn more about the SACUSP, click here.