Help improve the visibility of the University of Utah


In the past week you have received an email from the Cicero group asking you to fill out a survey regarding your experience at and perceptions of the University of Utah. It may have looked like spam at first, but we promise you it is not. On behalf of the Office of Marketing and Communications we are asking you to please take the time to answer the questions.

The survey looks at how you view the U in comparison to other universities in the region when it comes to academics, diversity, student opportunities, and social activities. It also asks you to rank the importance of various aspects of university life when it comes to choosing a school. Lastly, it measures campus awareness of local and national informational campaigns about the U and how you would most like to receive information from university entities.

As an incentive for your participation once you have completed the survey you will be entered into a drawing for one of five Amazon gift cards. Really though, the true reward is helping the University improve its prominence and visibility both nationally and globally.

If you have any questions about the survey please contact Brian Rasmussen in the Office of Marketing and Communications.