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2019 Network Fast Facts showcase last year’s big wins

2019 is in the books, and it was another impactful year for UIT’s Network Services team.

2019 is in the books, and it was another impactful year for UIT’s Network Services team.

For the past three years, Business Data Analyst Rosalia Villegas has compiled project-related metrics for the team. Each January, she presents a high-level summary of her findings about the previous year in a Fast Facts PDF document, which was redesigned in 2019 with the help of a student employee.


14,050.56 — Wi-Fi total annual session time, in years

35,608 — Average number of wireless users per day

7.38 PB — Total annual wireless traffic

14,465 — Average number of Apple users per day

11,295 — Total network devices

1:491 — Engineer-to-device ratio

50+ campus and hospital buildings updated to 5GHz-only

99.69 percent — Network Operation Center (NOC) service availability

“Our amazing team identified 119 projects last year, and they’re fully committed to completing these projects,” said Abraham Kololli, Network Services associate director. “The Fast Facts summary doesn’t tell the whole story, but it does show that our team is dedicated and engaged on three main fronts — running network operations, engineering design and automation, and project coordination.”

In addition to these notable numbers, here are some key Network Services accomplishments in 2019:


Upgraded The Online Automated Services Toolkit (TOAST) to Python 3.6 and placed the platform behind authentication to enhance the security of TOAST and its users.

Load Balancing

Installed and configured F5 network equipment at the Downtown Data Center and Tonaquint Data Center.

Edge Engineers

Data Center

  • Eccles Broadcast Center (EBC), Downtown Data Center (DDC), Institutional Review Board (IRB), and Clinical nodes will be replaced — design and configurations were completed in 2019, with full implementation scheduled before the end of 2020
  • Upgraded entire DDC ACI switches with current software releases


  • Migrated Clinical Data Center firewall Juniper to Palo Alto, which provides a 300 percent increase in available bandwidth and enhances threat prevention
  • Updated the DDC firewall from version 8.1.7 to 8.1.8


  • Designed and configured University Hospital phase II redesigns, and provided 24-hour support during the first week go-live of the Voalte healthcare communication platform
  • Completed whole-building Wi-Fi designs according to Cisco/Apple design guide and University of Utah standards for the following newly-constructed buildings:

“I’m really proud of all we’ve accomplished in 2019,” Kololli said, “and I’m very excited about what 2020 has in store for us.”