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1U4U Seed Grant Program: Future of Sustainability

At the University of Utah, sustainability has emerged as a pivotal force across a wide range of research areas. Our research community has launched multiple new efforts, including institutes to engage climate change, develop innovative energy sources, reimagine our grid, and drive sustainable development. Yet, there is a pressing need to do more. To build a sustainable world for future generations, the university needs to cultivate and deepen sustainability efforts in all domains. 

In recognition of this need, the university launched a 1U4U seed grant competition on March 6th focused on “The Future of Sustainability.” The goal of the 1U4U competition is to support innovative research lines focused on sustainability and to help our research community imagine sustainability in new domains (click here to learn more).

At the same time, the university is initiating a conversation to consider how sustainability research can be expanded and magnified at the University of Utah. These conversations will begin at the March gathering of the One Utah Research Council and continue via town halls and gatherings through the summer. Those conversations will facilitate the launch of new structures and the evolution of existing structures.

 It is an exciting time for sustainability research at the University of Utah. Faculty interested in participating in this effort should apply for 1U4U seed grant funding and/or join upcoming conversations about the future of sustainability research. Additional details about town halls and gatherings will be announced in the days ahead.