Senate Summary | December 6, 2021

If you missed the Academic Senate meeting on Dec. 6, 2021, or need a refresher, then keep reading for the highlights from the meeting. For more information on the Academic Senate, click here.

Information & Recommendation Calendar

Program Discontinuation: MFA Games Arts & Game Production Emphases and BA in Film & Media Arts EAE Emphasis

Andrew Patrick Nelson presented on the discontinuation of the MFA Games Arts and Game Production Emphases and B.A. in Film & Media Arts EAE Emphasis.

The Department of Film & Media Arts proposes to discontinue its B.A. emphasis in Entertainment Arts and Engineering, which has not accepted any new students following the establishment of EAE as a separate academic unit in 2017. The department also proposes to discontinue, for a second time after a software issue brought them back from the dead after their first official discontinuation in 2011, its MFA emphases in Games Arts and Game Production.

Office of Athletics Compliance Report

Jon Cantu presented a summary of the 2020-21 year from the Office of Athletics Compliance including NCAA violations, waivers and important updates.

SACAP Update on Thesis Office Issues

Julie Barkmeier-Kraemer, Mary Beth Vogel-Ferguson and Joy Pierce presented on the Senate Academic Committee on Academic Policy (SACAP) Thesis Document Survey Preliminary Outcomes/Recommendations Report.

During the 2019-20 academic terms, the SACAP discussed with Graduate School Dean David Kieda concerns raised by faculty and students about thesis document processes and deadlines that reportedly affect the timeliness of award of degrees in some cases. Through the course of these discussions, we learned that current graduate students, graduate alumni and graduate student mentors/ program directors are not currently surveyed about their experiences interacting with the Thesis Office. One of the outcomes of these discussions was the determination that survey data from faculty and students were needed to inform possible changes to available resources, timelines and various pathways for supporting thesis/dissertation writing and processing once approved. This report summarizes the spring 2021 survey outcomes and associated recommendations.