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At the University of Utah, we have a saying: Imagine, then do. On the new U Rising podcast, you’ll hear stories from our faculty, staff and students that bring those words to life. We'll share inspiring, innovative and impactful initiatives that are benefiting our community and the world.

U Rising is hosted by Chris Nelson and Julie Kiefer. Chris, who has more than 26 years of experience in higher education and academic health care, is the chief university relations officer and secretary to the university.  Julie, who has a PhD in biochemistry, is the associate director of science communications at University of Utah Health.

The podcast is produced by Brooke Adams, national media strategist, with technical assistance from Robert Nelson, media studios librarian at the Marriott Library.

Our original album art was created by Dave Meikle, a professional landscape artist and art director for University Marketing & Communications. Elisabet Curbelo González , assistant professor of electroacoustic music & music theory in the School of Music, created the original soundtrack. Her music has been performed worldwide and includes pieces for ensemble and solo instruments, voice, choir, acoustic and electroacoustic music, music for dance, installation work and music audiovisual media.

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Chris Nelson: Welcome to U Rising. I’m Chris Nelson.

Julie Kiefer: And I’m Julie Kiefer.

We’re thrilled to be co-hosting the U Rising podcast, which the University of Utah will launch in August.

Chris Nelson: We have a saying at the U: Imagine, then do and on U Rising, you’ll hear stories that bring those words to life as we share the inspiring, innovative and impactful work happening on our campus.

Julie Kiefer: We’re a community of doers – faculty, staff and students –who are engaging in pathbreaking research, societal innovation and educational excellence.

You’ll hear how U researchers are building a bionic leg that’s helping amputees walk with ease again. I mean, Chris, how cool is that?

Chris Nelson: That is really cool, Julie!

Julie Kiefer: And we’ll be visiting with scientists working to restore the vitality of the Great Salt Lake and address other climate challenges facing our state and the region.

Chris Nelson: Also on tap: The U and Salt Lake Community College are partnering on a new campus in Herriman and we’ll discuss the opportunities this opens for students and our community.

Another story: The U was recently designated as a military veteran-friendly school—a cause particularly close to my heart.

So, what does this mean for the U and how is the U serving military veterans?

Also, there is a national shortage of people with expertise in applied mathematics and that affects fields ranging from things like polar ecology to medical imaging.

Scholars at the U, supported by a National Science Foundation grant, are working to make it cool to be good at math and you’ll find out how they are making a difference.

Julie Kiefer: There is so much fascinating research happening here at the U., and some of these initiatives are amongst the best in our state, the nation, and the world.

Chris, I don’t know about you but I’m excited to get started!

Chris Nelson: We hope you’ll listen in!