Check out new student games

Join us for the Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program’s Annual EAE Play Event! This giant playtesting viewing party will take place on Friday, December 10th, 2021, from 3-7pm, and will be hosted virtually on Twitch. This event is an opportunity for our students to show their in-progress games to the public. Games shown will include […]

These students got game

The U’s top-ranked video games program to show off new student games during “EAE Launch 2021” event.

The screenshot of the video game appears to be in outer space - the background is black with gray specs that might be stars scattered. A white rectangle takes up the majority of the frame in the middle—it's coated in a texture that looks like breaking ice, with lavender duding. Across the middle are stacks of blue 3-dimensional rectangles. On the ends are golden symbols that look like a hand fan. There are black holes going diagonally across the middle, as if the white rectangle has dimension holes in it.

Get in the game

University of Utah’s top-ranked video games program to show off new games under development during “EAE Play 2020.”