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Senate Summary | August 2020

If you missed the August Academic Senate meeting, then read all the highlights here.

If you missed the Academic Senate meeting on Aug. 31, 2020, or need a refresher, then keep reading for the highlights from the meeting. For more information on the Academic Senate, click here.


Report from administration

Student Testing Update

Presenter: Dr. Richard Orlandi

COVID-19 testing for HRE move-in is completed, with a <0.5% positivity rate. Symptomatic and contact tracing testing are ongoing. Asymptomatic surveillance will soon be underway.

Report from the Executive Committee

The following was reported on:

  • Appointment of Senate standing committee officers 2020-2021
  • Department of Health, Kinesiology & Recreation Restructure
  • Center for Research on Migration & Refugee Integration
  • Combined BS/MEd in Secondary Level Science Teaching
  • Bennion Center Certificate in Community Engagement
  • Utah Center for Vocology Name Change
  • SkillUP Certificates
    • Certificate in Pre-Mining Engineering
    • Certificate in Mines Operations Management
    • Certificate in Sustainable Resource Development
    • Undergraduate Certificate in Data Fluency
    • Undergraduate Certificate in Data Science
    • Operation & Supply Chain Management Certificate
    • Software Development Programming Certificate

Report from ASUU

From ASUU President Ephraim Kum:

"What a time it has been, and where has the summer gone? To be candid, it has truly been a difficult couple of months, but such has been the case for the entirety of our tenure in our positions. However, I am very grateful to say that in the face of great adversity, the representatives, senators, directors, chairs and presidency of ASUU have shown greater fortitude, creativity, and determination to fight for students despite the challenges we are facing."

Click here to read the full update from ASUU.

Debate Calendar

Proposed Center for Business, Health, and Prosperity

Presenters: Stephen C. Alder, Jay B. Barney and Abbie Griffin

The proposed Center for Business, Health, and Prosperity aims to promote societal prosperity by integrating value-creating business innovation and entrepreneurship with improved health.  Housed in the David Eccles School of Business and benefitting from engagement across the University of Utah and around the world, this center will focus on a mission of “advancing societal prosperity through education, research and engaged service using integrated approaches that expand capacity through business innovation and entrepreneurship with those that improve the health of communities.” The center will focus on (1) preparing learners from diverse backgrounds for lives of impact as leaders and citizens; (2) generating and sharing new knowledge, discoveries and innovations; (3) engaging with local and global communities to promote education, health and quality of life; and (4) promoting entrepreneurial grit, continuous curiosity, empathetic global citizenship and world impact.

Information and Recommendations Calendar

Public Safety Reformation: Chief Safety Officer and Chief of Police

Presenters: Chief Safety Officer Marlon C. Lynch and Chief of Police Rodney Chatman

University public safety functions have been reorganized since Chief Safety Officer Marlon Lynch joined the University of Utah in February. Updates include new leadership throughout the organization and the elevation and growth of existing divisions. These changes increase capacity, improve accountability and better meet the needs of the U community. Additionally, Lynch is creating a Public Safety Advisory Committee and an Independent Review Committee to increase community involvement in campus safety efforts. Additionally, Chief Rodney Chatman discussed some of the updates happening with University Police.

Ad Hoc Committee for Divestment & Reinvestment Investigations

Presenter: Allyson Mower

The Academic Senate’s ad hoc committee charged with investigating divestment and reinvestment strategies will hold monthly town halls from 12 to 1 p.m. via Zoom. All U students, staff and faculty are welcome. Please take a look at what we plan to investigate by reading the outline posted on the committee’s page on the Academic Senate website. So far, we have nine areas of investigation. Some highlights include how to define fossil fuel companies, approaches to corporate governance, summary of green market histories and a 10-year outlook. Please reach out to us through Allyson Mower, the chairperson or the Town Halls if there is something else you would like us to investigate on this topic.

UIT 2FA Security Upgrade

Presenters: Stephen Hess and Jim Livingston

We are moving UMail to two factor authentication in two phases. Prior to July 15 there were on average over two mailboxes being compromised per week. The solution was to move health science workers, faculty, staff and students who have protected and restricted health information in their email to a Microsoft Exchange application called modern authentication and DUO two factor authentication. This was announced on several media platforms. The change was made on July 15. Since the change we have had no compromised UMail accounts.

Phase 2: Sept. 15, 2020, the rest of campus UMail users with private and restricted data will be moved to Modern Authentication and Duo 2 factor authentication with one exception. Users of IMAP/POP who don’t have private restricted information in their email and who get an exception through their dean or director.