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Graduate with financial security

Are you financially prepared to graduate from college?

For many students the answer to that question may be, “I don’t know.” Luckily, the Financial Wellness Center is here to help. Throughout the month of April, they are holding a series of events to help soon to be graduates learn about healthy money management, and how to navigate financial matters as they enter the workplace.

“We want to set students up for success,” said Gabrielle McAllaster, Director of the Financial Wellness Center. “There are a lot of things they may not have considered, from budgeting to paying off student loans. These workshops will give them a good overview of managing their finances post-graduation.”

Getting set up in a new career is one of the key topics in all of the sessions. U Career Success is partnering with the center to present on topics like salary negotiation, navigating benefits packages, and ways to identify their value  to match their strengths and experiences to a position.

“UCareer has experts on knowing how to have these conversations with future employers,” McAllaster said. “We are so glad to be collaborating with them, so our students are paid and compensated for what they are worth.”

The workshops are being presented as part of Financial Wellness Month. For more information please visit this link.