Save students 70-80% on textbooks with Inclusive Access


As part of its ongoing effort to support students and faculty in meaningful ways, the University Campus Store continues to grow its Inclusive Access program, helping students save up to 80% on course materials—a welcome alternative to the high cost of textbooks with the added convenience of accessing materials electronically.

Spring 2020 course submissions must be made by Nov. 1, 2019.

This spring, more than 8,900 students utilized Inclusive Access and saved a collective $1 million on text materials, instead of paying new textbook prices at retail. That’s an average savings of about $120 per student. This fall semester, 87 courses offer the Inclusive Access option and the number continues to rise.

Inclusive Access puts your text materials quickly and conveniently online, making them available anytime, anywhere. Any course is eligible for the program and the fee is paid along with class registration, eliminating the need to search for and purchase textbooks independently. Students can easily view their textbooks online, track their progress from assignment to assignment and communicate with other students in their class. Professors can also communicate with students, as well as provide updates and announcements online, in near-real-time.

To learn more and establish access for your courses, contact Shane Girton, senior associate director of the Campus Store, at or 801-581-8296.

Help your students save a substantial amount of money each semester by participating in the Inclusive Access program.