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Mindful work/life balance workshop

Learn how to cope with balancing work-life stress during this 4-week ONLINE workshop open to faculty, staff and graduate students.

“Mindful Work/Life Balance” is a 4-week workshop is offered by zoom meeting (invitation provided after registration) for U faculty, staff, and graduate students. The workshop is designed to introduce participants to mindful strategies for balancing work-life stress. Come learn effective coping tools for navigating the responsibilities of different life roles as well as techniques for managing stress and anxiety. Workshop is free. All participants must register online to attend.  See our Mindful Work/Life balance flyer  for more information.

New series begin Friday, October 23, 2020 and runs until November 20 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM. All participants must register online .  The modules cover the following learning goals:

Session 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

  •  Introduce mindfulness principles: present, aware, non-judgment
  • Connect mindfulness to better work-life integration
  • Practice breath awareness

Session 2: Mindful Communication & Mindfulness at Work

  • Discuss elements of mindful communication
  • Relate mindful communication to different life roles
  • Explore the use of mindfulness in work environments
  • Practice body awareness

Session 3: Values & Congruent Living

  •  Define values and how they are relevant to life roles
  • Engage in a value-based decision making activity
  • Practice thought awareness

Session 4: Strategies for Successful Work-Life Integration

  •  Engage in a life roles
  •  Discuss work-life Integration coping activities
  •  Debunk the “Work-life balance” myth
  • Practice lovingkindness meditation

Please check out the Mindfulness Center’s website for more workshops and programming.