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Introducing a fresh wave of delicious dining at the Ken Garff University Club

Beat Salad: showcasing tender roasted beets and ripe tomatoes, lightly seasoned for a burst of natural flavor.

As the University of Utah continues to foster environments where excellence thrives, the Ken Garff University Club at Rice-Eccles Stadium proudly announces an update in campus dining that promises to redefine the culinary experience for faculty, staff, and guests. Under the newly appointed Executive Chef Leonardo LiMura and Executive Sous Chef Peter Dobson, the Club is rolling out the new spring dining menu on April 9, introducing a fresh wave of delicious dining that reflects the lively and diverse essence of our campus community.

Introducing our new Executive Chefs

The Club’s culinary vision now unfolds under the guidance of Executive Chef Leonardo (Leo) LiMura. Born and raised in Italy, Chef Leo started his cooking journey in the beautiful Italian town of Sicily. Trained in the heart of Italian cooking traditions, he’s spent over twenty years perfecting his craft and exploring flavors from around the world. Leo’s dishes are all about genuine taste and top-notch quality, bringing you meals that are not just delicious but truly memorable.

Complementing Chef Leo’s mastery is Executive Sous Chef Peter Dobson, whose pedigree includes a fine dining specialization from Seattle’s OCCI and a portfolio that includes some of Salt Lake City’s most acclaimed kitchens, including his time as the CDC at Whitehorse in downtown SLC. Chef Peter’s expertise in French cuisine and sushi preparation adds a unique dimension to the Club’s culinary offerings, ensuring a menu that is as diverse as it is refined.

Big Changes to the Menu

Shrimp Scampi: shrimp cooked in a flavorful garlic butter sauce served with a side of warm garlic bread.

The Ken Garff University Club is unveiling a culinary transformation that’s more than just a menu update. With over 39 new dishes, the collaboration between Executive Chef Leo and Executive Sous Chef Peter is setting the Club’s dining experience apart. The new offerings include everything from an extensive selection of seafood to light, garden-fresh dishes and unique nightly specials.

This overhaul isn’t solely about serving exquisite food; it’s a commitment to fostering an atmosphere set for discovery, camaraderie, and enjoyment. The Club warmly invites its faculty, staff, and members to embark on this gastronomic journey, promising an ever evolving and satisfying culinary adventure.

Your Invitation to Taste Innovation

With the unveiling of the new menu, you are invited to join us in our University community. Whether you’re a longstanding Club member or a faculty/staff member intrigued by the prospect of extraordinary campus dining, now is the perfect time to explore what the Ken Garff University Club has to offer.

Wedge Salad: featuring crisp iceberg lettuce wedges adorned with juicy tomatoes and delicately dressed with our creamy blue cheese dressing.

For those yet to experience the Club’s offerings, schedule your tour and enjoy a complimentary taste of the new menu items. It’s an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Club’s amenities, get a glimpse of ClubLife and the culinary delights that await. Schedule your tour by going to  or reaching out to Melisa Griffith at 801-432-0932.

As the Ken Garff University Club embarks on this exciting chapter, we look forward to welcoming you and continuing to serve as a hub of culinary excellence and community on campus. Here’s to new beginnings, shared experiences, and the joy of discovering your next favorite dish with us.