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Avoid incorrect odometer reading fee

Visit Fleet Services' website to learn more about fueling procedures and more.

Fleet Services will begin charging a $50 fee for all incorrect odometer entries. Since the switch to the new GasCard system, Fleet Services has seen an influx of incorrect odometer reading entries at the fuel pump. Incorrect odometer readings entered causes various issues and results in data inconsistencies.

Fleet Services uses odometer readings to know when a vehicle is due for preventative maintenance. Incorrect readings entered at the fuel pump can cause a vehicle not to have preventative maintenance completed when scheduled. This can lead to other vehicle maintenance issues down the road. Additionally, if the odometer reading is not being entered correctly, the vehicle may miss the replacement cycle and will have to wait another year to be replaced.

Fueling tips

  • Remember to enter the actual odometer reading and not the trip odometer when fueling. Additionally, enter the odometer without a tenth of a mile. For example, if the odometer is ‘1,3526.2,’ enter ‘1,3526’ at the fuel pump.
  • Make sure you use the correct GasCard and equipment ID assigned to your vehicle when fueling. If you’re not sure what the equipment ID is for the vehicle you’re using, you can find the equipment ID in the maintenance packet located in the glovebox.

Simply entering the correct odometer readings when fueling helps Fleet Services operate effectively. Entering the correct odometer reading when fueling will also prevent unwanted fees and complications—ultimately keeping drivers stress-free on the road. Visit Fleet Services’ website to learn more about fueling procedures and more.