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Academic advisor of the month

The current advisor of the month is Paul Fisk, an academic advisor in the Center for Ethnic Student Affairs.

Advisor of the month is a peer-nominated award in which staff on campus who have academic advising roles can give their advising peers recognition for their ability to go above and beyond in their roles and in the support they provide to students.

Paul Fisk

The current advisor of the month is Paul Fisk, an academic advisor in the Center for Ethnic Student Affairs.

This semester, Fisk has attended every meeting for the Vietnamese American Student Association (VASA), the student group he advises and has done more than “show up.” Nominators shared how Fisk listens, supports and gives advice—even when meetings have to be scheduled late at night. In March, this advisor helped students to promote, connect with guests, and collect resources for an Addressing Asian Hate event. Especially during stressful and difficult times, as this semester has been, this advisor has stepped up to support students. As one nominator shared, “He has been our biggest supporter and advisor, whom we can trust and lean on.”

In addition to supporting his student group, Fisk has also advocated for students’ mental health. His advocacy led to a collaboration with the University Counseling Center and the creation of the Building Resilience Discussion Group for BIPOC students. Largely due to Fisk’s efforts, there are now two newly embedded counselors who work directly with students in the Center for Ethnic Student Affairs, making the process to connect with a mental health counselor more accessible and approachable. A nominator shared, “Paul goes above and beyond when it comes to supporting and advocating for his current and former students”.

No question, Fisk is a rock star and supports his team, his students and collaborates with others to get things done.

Fisk shared the following about his role as an advisor:

“It is very meaningful for me as an advisor to see students finish at a community college, transfer, graduate, and then move on to graduate school or onto their career. I love that about being an advisor, and I feel great joy in supporting students’ success, particularly for students who have had to overcome difficulties. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with so many great students. For advising practice, I always try to be mindful about what I might not know about a student’s situation when I work to advise and support them.”


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