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A new view on life

A University of Utah medical student helps a man experiencing homelessness recover his vision.

Second graders turn recess into citizen science

It turns out that Utah is one of the few places outside of Europe where one can find firebugs of the species needed for a particular kind of research.

Impeachment past the politics

With all the talk about impeachment, do we actually know what is going on? U political science professor James Curry has some answers for us.

China Coaches Training Program honored at Pac-12 China game

Since 2015, the program has hosted nearly 650 participants at the U and Arizona State University combined.

Is Utah’s great lake turning to dust?

What’s going on in the West Desert?

Beautiful but noxious weed taking over Salt Lake City

Mrytle spurge is incredibly difficult to remove. Its root systems grow wide underground, meaning that pulling out plants at the surface may not be effective, and even then myrtle spurge emits a sap when injured that can blister human skin.

Water towers at risk as glaciers recede

Research provides new insight on mountain glacier-derived water resource systems, impacting up to 1.9 billion people globally.

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Nominations open for Student Innovation @ the U

Nominate a student innovator.

Communication student wins essay award

The prize is given annually as part of an essay competition to encourage and support student research on the history, theory or criticism of rhetoric.

Pac-12 honors for Whittingham and Moss

Congratulations to the whole team.

Two U scientists honored as 2019 AAAS Fellows

Parkinson and Porter join 128 other fellows either currently or formerly affiliated with the U.

Feedback wanted on road construction

Weigh in on proposed construction on 100 South.

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Theatre students bring monsters to life

Guest artist Matt Sorenson worked with students to bring Dungeons & Dragons creatures to life through crafting original puppets.

Indoor environmental quality concerns

Do you know who to contact if you have an issue?

Construction & Commuter Updates

Road construction near the Huntsman Cancer Hospital starting soon.

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Women's Basketball vs. Providence
Mindfulness at the UMFA
Women's Basketball vs. Weber State - Toy Drive
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