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Don’t fear the needle

U therapists have partnered with a nationwide network helping people overcome needle phobia.

Get outdoors to destress

Step outside, take a short walk or just get a breath of fresh air.

Supporting mental health in schools

Partnership bolsters school mental health support systems and helps identify students who need help.

Lead, language and substance use

How lead exposure in children leads to substance use by adolescents.

Autism in 8-year-old Utahns on the rise

The increase is likely due to awareness, diagnostics and access.

Ferocious fungus

U engineers discover what makes a tree-killing fungus so hard to put down.

Megaherbivore extinctions and wildfires

Loss of ancient grazers triggered a dramatic increase in fire activity across the world’s grasslands.

Leading by example

Leaders in higher education and the state will participate in a leadership development curriculum focused on creating environments and policies that prioritize equity.

Digital assistants and other cloud-based benefits

There are lots of great features you could be using.

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Fuel for Finals

The event is sponsored by Commuter Services.

More U stalls on campus

Permitted stalls are subject to change, so be sure to read signage carefully before parking. 

Call for nominations, 2022 Linda K. Amos Award

Award honors staff or faculty members who have selflessly given time and energy to improve the educational and/or working environment for women at the university.

Student election application for 2022 now open

Elections for the Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU) will begin in the Spring of 2022 and interested students can now file for their candidacy.

Sexual assault campus climate survey to open January 2022

U students will have the opportunity to voice their experiences about the climate of the University of Utah campus as they begin the Spring 2022 Semester.

Frontiers of Science lecture: Negative curved crystals

Harvard mathematician explores mathematical patterns of curved crystals.

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Winter break days added for employees

Employees are encouraged to use the time to focus on their well-being.

The importance of non-discrimination training

Places of education and employment should be welcoming and inclusive.

A winter wonderland at the Union

To celebrate another fantastic year, the Union administration will be hosting its annual winter celebration—formerly called Festivus.

Senate Summary | December 6, 2021

If you missed the Academic Senate meeting on Dec. 6, 2021, or need a refresher, then keep reading for the highlights from the meeting.

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CSBS Staff Council Sock & Shoe Drive
Sweat the Stress, Free Fitness Week
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