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Humans of the U: Nakaiya Stucki

“Not only should students be learning in their classes, they should also be having dynamic, engaging educational experiences outside of the classroom.”

Humans of the U: Sheena McFarland

“In a moment like this, it’s really fun to get to actually see transformation happen.”

Humans of the U: Griffin Hale

“The strong and sturdy clay bricks depict the unmoving, determination and defiance in the caregiver.”

Humans of the U: Ross Tester

“Going to the U was a no-brainer because of its proximity to intense, yet beautiful mountains, and the outdoor culture that they cultivate.”

Humans of the U: Dave Titensor

“I’ve learned how important a well-rounded education and broader life experiences are to draw inspiration into my work.”

Humans of the U: Ruchi Watson

“At the end of the day, I truly believe in the power of our community to change the world.”

Humans of the U: Faith Bowman

“I seek to become a new healer, bridging the traditional knowledge of my community with the knowledge pioneered by investigating glucose metabolism.”

Humans of the U: Kebba Kah

“It has been rewarding to pursue my passion and help with the pandemic response at the same time.”

Humans of the U: Srabani Karmakar

“Some things, the good and bad, never change wherever you live.”

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Humans of the U: Robert and Austin Long

“Becoming an officer for me is leading, teaching, training and mentoring a platoon, as well as taking care of your Marines, something that was done for me.”

Humans of the U: Ginger Cannon

“There is a direct relationship between the surrounding built environment and our individual health and well-being.”

Humans of the U: Gregory C. Thompson

“A common thread through these five decades: capturing and preserving individuals’ stories, especially those people with little ability to do so on their own.”

Humans of the U: Dani Nives

“It’s such a great feeling being able to connect people with resources and see them really doing well on their own.”

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