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Recognizing unsafe relationships

This week as both SafeU Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month come to their conclusion, red flags bearing relationship violence warning signs will be posted outside the Student Union, alongside green flags that display healthy relationship traits thanks to the Red Flag Project.

Unique brain cells linked to OCD and anxiety

In a new study, U scientists discovered a new lineage of specialized brain cells, called Hoxb8-lineage microglia, and established a link between the lineage and OCD and anxiety in mice.

12 things to do at the U

Featuring the best of what campus has to offer in the worlds of art, science, nature and beyond is the 2020 University Print & Mail Services Calendar, available online and at the Campus Store.

Information security policies protect your privacy

Understanding the unique vulnerabilities at an institution such as the U, and the guidelines that directly impact you, can help support a culture of cybersecurity.

A decade of international friendships

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Global Campus Program, a partnership among the U’s Office for Global Engagement, Granite School District and Incheon International High School in South Korea.

It’s never too late

A Utah mom of three shares why she’s returning to the U more than 20 years after she started and describes the program that helped make it happen.

Maintaining a safe and healthy community

Sexual assault, drug and alcohol abuse and mental health are important topics on college campuses across the nation. The U provides students with several online trainings that address these topics and more.

Humans of the U: Fred Monette

“When I was 16 years old, I was doing a roofing project at my grandma’s. She put a chair down in the middle of her yard and said, ‘I’m just going to sit here and make sure you don’t fall.’ But I’m the only one that can make sure I don’t fall off that roof. She couldn’t do it for me. Safety really starts and ends with the people doing the work.”

Investing in early childhood teacher education

Research shows that the foundation for a skilled workforce is created in childhood. And that starts with having access to great early childhood educators.

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Lessons learned

Survey your workplace area for any unsecured shelving units.

Free ‘Feel Better Now’ workshop

Learn how to cope with anxiety and depression during this four-week workshop open to faculty, staff and students.

Harlem Globetrotters and U Staff

Calling university staff members! Get your tickets today for a special Harlem Globetrotters show.

November Academic Senate meeting

The next meeting of the Academic Senate is Monday, Nov. 4, from 3-5 p.m. Meetings are open to the public.

Efficient Garff Building granted prestigious award

The U is serious about leading the way in energy efficiency and that’s garnering national attention.

Moran ranked among nation’s top 10 programs

Outstanding education, research and clinical care put the John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah among the top 10 programs in the nation, according to the latest Ophthalmology Times survey results.

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The Arts and U

The U’s ballet program shows off strength and versatility in “Utah Ballet” concert and hit Broadway play “The Lifespan of a Fact” comes to PTC.

10 things to know about flu shots

It’s that time of year again. Nobody wants it, lots of people get it. Here are some things to know about the flu shot and how it can help keep influenza from knocking you down.

Construction & Commuter Updates

Road construction near the Huntsman Cancer Hospital starting soon.

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Escalation Film & Workshop | Hosted by UCC
SLC Mayoral Candidates Town Hall with Luz Escamilla and Erin Mendenhall
Walk After Dark
Wake Up: Film Screening
Healthy Relationships Trainings | Hosted by the Marriott Library
The Campus Origins of Today's Radical Right and the Crisis of American Democracy
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