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Preserving Ute culture

The Tri-Ute Youth Leadership Conference comes to the U for the first time.

Help with a daunting task

How much of an impact can one social media post have? The U’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid learned it has the ability to position them as national higher education leaders.

Sex, lice and videotape

Biologists drove the divergence of different-sized feather lice from a single population. In four years the evolved lice had trouble mating with each other, a sign of speciation and they caught it on tape.

Bridging the glen

A new bridge has been installed connecting the Guest House and the Officers’ Club parking lot, aiding in campus navigation.

Public restrooms of the future

Some legal experts, architects and social-equality activists are working to ensure gender-neutral restrooms will be an option in the future.

Himalayan glaciers’ melting has doubled

Rising temperatures has accelerated the melting of this huge region dramatically since the start of the 21st century.

New Board of Trustees member

The Utah Senate confirmed Randy Shumway as the newest member of the U’s Board of Trustees, effective July 1, 2019.

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KUER awarded top honor

KUER wins 15 Awards At the 2019 Utah Society of Professional Journalists banquet.

New director for the Black Cultural Center

The Office for Equity and Diversity is excited to welcome Meligha Garfield (he/him) as the new director.

Associate vice president dean of students search

The U is seeking a passionate student advocate who has a strong interest in the development and fair application of law and policy, demonstrated conflict management skills and a desire to promote leadership skills and timely degree completion for a diverse student body.

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Construction & Commuter Updates

Road construction near the Huntsman Cancer Hospital starting soon.

Humans of the U: Kristen Carter

Although challenging at times, returning to school at the U feels like coming home.

Bitten by a rattlesnake

Brad Dahl with the Utah Poison Control Center tells you what you should—and shouldn’t—do if a rattlesnake bites you.

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