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New provost, new energy

Mitzi M. Montoya joins the U with a vigor for solving problems and a passion for innovating change for the greater good.

EDI everywhere at U of U Health

A team of leaders shares their stories, struggles and vision.

Health and wellness tips for spring semester

Exercise common sense to reduce the spread of illness across campus.

Forest resilience linked with higher mortality risk in Western U.S.

Unexpected results could be driven by regional factors that favor acclimation to drought resistance over resilience to extreme climatic events.

Fossil CSI: Mysterious site was ancient birthing grounds

A rich fossil site in Nevada has been studied for decades, but explanations for why so many giant marine reptiles called ichthyosaurs died there 230 million years ago have eluded researchers.

Here today, gone tomorrow: How humans lost their body hair

Study compares genetics of humans with other mammals including elephants and walruses that have lost most of their body hair.

Human-caused emissions create new cloud-forming particles

An important link between the formation of new aerosol particles from emissions and their growth into particles that water can condense around shows how human activity may be changing cloud formation.

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Change the world on your spring break

Want an impactful spring break? Need an outlet for your activist heart? We’ve got just the thing for you: Alternative Spring Break! Applications are open and all students are welcome to apply.

Submit your art

The University Counseling Center (UCC) invites all students to participate in the first-ever Healing Art Showcase.

U and Wilkes Center now accepting proposals for $1.5 million prize

Applicants worldwide are invited to submit project proposals
designed to address the impacts of climate change.

Do the right thing: Report suspected fraud or abuse

Hotline reports are regularly investigated.

U education professor recognized for public impact

William Smith ranked in the top 200 educational scholars in the United States for public influence.

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Office of Academic Affairs announces new dean of libraries

After a national search, Sarah Shreeves has been selected to join the U.

New year and new growth to the New Leadership Academy

NLA is pleased to announce the selection of its new 2023 cohort, representing a broad range of academic leaders, scholars, and administrators who are invested in advancing equity and inclusion in higher education.

Introducing Saturday Academies

The program is expanding and refocusing to be a mentored pathway for historically underrepresented populations into all of the health sciences.

Healing Out Loud: A mental health film contest

Help us eliminate the stigma around mental health forever through open, productive and powerful conversations.

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Get Involved Fair
Just Dance Game Night hosted by Phi Sigma Pi
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