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Utah Across Utah Tour strengthens relationships with sister institutions in Southeastern Utah

Kem C. Gardner announced a $100,000 donation for student scholarships at Utah State University Eastern on Monday. 

The future of Great Salt Lake

Scientists, lawmakers and lake advocates discuss data-driven solutions to the lake’s critical problems.

West Valley vision

A new model for partnering with and supporting our community.

BOOM! A meteor crashes across Utah’s sky

On the morning of Aug. 13, a mysterious boom rattled windows and Utahns’ nerves across the Wasatch Front.

Changing the language of policing

The safety department is working to eliminate three common questions police officers use when taking a report.

U geoscientist sails on Arctic research cruise

The two-month expedition headed north to investigate the Atlantic Ocean’s origins.

Revitalizing Japantown

Reinvigoration of Salt Lake City’s remaining Japantown provides new opportunities for the future while honoring and remembering the past.

Statue of U chemistry professor to be displayed in Washington, D.C.

Janis Louie is one of 120 IF/THEN Ambassadors inspiring girls to pursue STEM careers

Humans of the U: Vishwa Srinivasan

A student’s dream will become reality on May 21 in downtown Salt Lake City.

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U professor honored by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

The honors of the association go to individuals whose contributions have been of such excellence that they have enhanced or altered the course of the profession.

Take time to get involved

Student Leadership & Involvement at the University of Utah offers a variety of events, programs and service.

Feels like winter in Red Butte Garden

While it’s not quite winter, it sure feels like it. Come see what the garden looks like covered in snow! Here’s a sneak peek.

Blanket exercise educates about Indigenous history and reconciliation

The workshop’s goal was to create opportunities for students to engage with communities they will serve as physicians and to gain a greater understanding of the cultural background of patients to provide culturally sensitive care.   

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