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Safety warnings: Everything you need to know

Safety warnings—or Clery warnings—are required by federal law to be sent when certain crimes present a serious or continuing threat to the campus community. Read the frequently asked questions and answers here.

Increasing student success through innovation

The University of Utah has joined a national collaboration of public research institutions dedicated to making innovations to better serve the students often found at the margins. 

Securing health equity for all

This event was part of the IntersectX12 initiative.

Mysterious bright flash is a black hole jet pointing straight at Earth

Astronomers at the U believe the jet was produced by a black hole that began devouring a nearby star, releasing a huge amount of energy in the process.

Five ways to deal with a research rejection

It is a difficult fact of life to avoid, but there are ways to move forward.

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A night to remember Dr. Sarah B. George

The museum honored its former executive director, Dr. Sarah B. George, and featured a surprise announcement by University of Utah President Dr. Taylor Randall of the new Dr. Sarah B. George Endowed Directorship.

The OneUCares faculty and staff emergency fund needs your help

Employees can donate to the fund through a one-time contribution or through an ongoing payroll deduction. 

Get your personalized e-mail signature

It’s as easy as filling out a form.

Call for Distinguished Mentor Award nominees

The Distinguished Mentor Award is for faculty from any discipline.

Introducing lower copays at Primary Children’s Hospital

PCH is not a University of Utah Health facility, even though our physicians practice there. 

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Home Away From Home: So much more than a housing program

Hosts and students meet potential matches and choose who works best for them.

Founders Day 2023

Presentation of the awards will take place on Wednesday, March 1, at the U Alumni Founders Day Celebration.

Advisor of the month: Annie Patterson

Congratulations Annie Patterson!

Senate Summary | December 2022

Here are the highlights from the Dec. 5 Academic Senate meeting.

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Sweat the Stress
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