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Examining nutritional inequality

It isn’t just access to healthy food that shapes diets, but also people’s relationships to food.

Leading on climate-related solutions

President Taylor Randall re-signs the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitment.

An enduring relationship

For the past 49 years, the Ute Indian Tribe has reaffirmed a partnership with the University of Utah.

Wash-and-wear sensors

U engineers develop a process that turns ordinary clothing into biosensors that measures a muscle’s electrical activity as it is worn.

Waste of space

University of Utah engineers develop better method for cleaning up orbiting space junk.

Researchers discover new type of nerve cell in the retina

The newly identified Campana cell could play a role in visual signal processing.

Study tracks spread of young-onset heart arrhythmia across continents

Understanding geographic distribution, ancestry of disease could help identify people who are at risk.

Setting the stage for naked mole-rats

The props studio has been a wild flurry of excitement, as designers bring an underground world to life.

Humility, compassion and reform through reason

Dr. Sandro Galea discussed lessons from COVID-19 and ideas for the post-pandemic era in his MEDiversity Week keynote address.

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Nnedi Okorafor to give virtual Tanner Talk

The focus will be on “Africanfuturism” writing in comic books and film.

U community invited to comment on general ledger guiding principles

For more information about the initiative, please visit the project website.

Flu shots for faculty and staff

RedMed and the College of Nursing will be hosting two flu clinics for faculty and staff.

Same office, new branding

In an effort to be more inclusive of all alumni, the Office of Alumni Relations coined the phrase “U Alumni” as the brand name for what has traditionally been called the University of Utah Alumni Association.

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Body camera rules finalized

The Academic Senate passed the rule earlier this month.

From the military to the U

U student and Army veteran Nolan Acree reflects on the most difficult transition in his life—leaving the U.S Army.

Humans of the U: Robert and Austin Long

“Becoming an officer for me is leading, teaching, training and mentoring a platoon, as well as taking care of your Marines, something that was done for me.”

Honoring our veterans in 2021

The U celebrated both the 2021 and 2020 honorees in the annual Veterans Day ceremony.

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Outdoor Adventures Clinic: Building Climbing Anchors
Men's Mental Health: Panel & Discussion
Healthy Relationships: It's a Match!
Masculinities 101
Diversity and Inclusion Symposium
Outdoor Adventures Clinic: After the Avalanche, First Aid
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