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Books and films to celebrate Pride Month

The Marriott Library has you covered for all your Pride reading and viewing needs.

Are you ready to return to the office?

We’ve gathered a list of 12 tips and considerations to help make the transition back smoother.

COVID-19 complications more likely in Blacks and Native Americans

Complication rate higher even with the same underlying conditions, researchers find.

Rare event that amplified Australia’s 2019 fires unlikely to reoccur

Researchers using U supercomputers study how a rare atmospheric phenomenon affects the weather.

Microscopic fossils record ancient climate conditions

Magnetic particles left behind by bacteria provide paleoclimate clues.

Chemistry in pictures

Assignment teaches students real-life applications of classroom learning.

Overconfidence in news judgement

A new study shows that overconfidence in news judgment is associated with false news susceptibility.

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Presidential interns for 2021-22 announced

The Presidential Internship in Higher Education program provides undergraduate students from diverse fields and backgrounds with the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with the president and other senior administrators, giving them an insider’s look into the nuances and complexities of higher education.

Six new cancer research fellows announced by 5 For The Fight

These individuals are poised to make major impacts in understanding and treating cancer.

Box user interface change on June 7

A new organization feature called Box Collections will be added to U Box accounts. Though no existing features will be removed with the new Box UI, the location of a few key actions will change.

Apply now to make murals at the UMFA

Applications are now open and are due July 1.

Nominate someone for a District Staff Excellence Award

Nominations close on June 30, 2021.

Updated COVID-19 safety signs

New guidelines mean new signs.

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Meet interim CSO Keith Squires

Squires approaches safety holistically by looking at the needs of the community and providing resources that can truly make a difference.

Internship survival guide

Internships are an incredible opportunity to test-drive your desired field as well as build the foundation of your professional network that can benefit you down the road.

Supporting Utah artists

The U and Utah Department of Cultural & Community Engagement partner to help Utah’s art community.

Be true to your school: Support scholarships

U launches statewide license plates campaign to benefit Utah students.

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Mental coaching for success
Well-being and Resilience Poster Fair
Bob Ross Paint Along
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