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Beyond a moment of solidarity

In honor of George Floyd, we revisit our call to action and recognize that our work is not done.

Supporting the Black community at the U

Announcing the Black Advisory Council at the University of Utah.

Who are your ‘Beacons of Change?’

Nominations are open for those who have been intentional sources of change at the U, for students either in the classroom or in the community.

In it together

New report offers guidance on building community-campus research partnerships.

Owning our stories

Four “I Am U Thriving” campus storytellers shared personal experiences of love, success, pain, privilege, marginalization and other messages they want our campus to know.

Mindfulness and comfort in the face of racism

Racism isn’t something that happens “somewhere else.”

Three steps to healing and resistance in the face of racism

Mindfulness can be an act of healing and resistance for Black, Indigenous, People of Color who confront microaggressions as part of everyday life.

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UMail account migration to Exchange Online starts on June 1

Prehead: Faculty and staff accounts are moving to Microsoft’s cloud server.

Steven M. Phillips is the U’s new controller

Steven M. Phillips has accepted a position as the University of Utah’s new controller beginning Monday, May 24, 2021.

New professorship

University of Utah College of Engineering announces Feng Liu as Ivan B. Cutler Professor of Materials Science and Engineering.

Academics for Black Survival and Wellness

Registration for the 2021 Academics for Black Survival and Wellness opens May 24th.

Preview Life at the U Asia Campus at EXP+UAC

U students on the Salt Lake City campus can pay in-state tuition while living and studying abroad at the U Asia campus in South Korea. All courses are taught in English by U faculty, and students live in-residence on the modern campus.

Bird data from Ethiopia fills in baseline data gaps

Knowing where birds live now helps monitoring of biodiversity and tropical ecosystem health in a warming world.

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Protecting the past at Bears Ears

Bears Ears is not just about boundaries, it’s about management.

How the body builds a healthy relationship with “good” gut bacteria

Research shows how the bacteria in the gut shape the immune system.

May 17 town hall on telecommuting and parking

Between July 1 and August 23, we’ll be starting to implement some of the new plans that we’re putting in place.

Ranked-Choice Voting gives voice to diverse electorate

A look at how ranked voting could change elections.

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What is Happening in Colombia? A Conversation with Experts
Free fitness week
Racism as a Public Health Threat
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