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Yes, allergy seasons are getting worse. Blame climate change.

If you live with seasonal allergies and feel like the pollen seasons feel longer and longer every year, you may be right.

Is it time to double up on masks?

It all depends on the mask and the fit.

Keeping campus safe: 4 steps to reduce the spread

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the campus community.

Call or text from an unknown number? Here’s what to do

You may be getting calls from unknown numbers. How to stay safe.

Dating and partnerships during the pandemic

More isolated than ever, we need clever ways to connect and find romance.

Students as oral historians of the pandemic

Students contribute to the Marriott Library’s COVID-19 digital archive.

Do not let this moment pass

The Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work being led by Dr. José Rodriguez.

ICYMI: A Call for Racial Healing

View the latest Friday Forum on Racism in Higher Education.

How do U…entice birds to your yard in winter?

Environmental psychologist Barbara Brown gives tips on creating safe winter environments for birds near home.

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Child care openings on campus

The Center for Child Care and Family Resources has a new tool to help parents easily identify child care availabilities on campus.

Call for staff messages for President Watkins

Submissions can be sent to uusc@utah.edu up until 5 PM on Wednesday, February 24th at 5:00 PM.

Hear from activist Angela Davis at this year’s Conference on Diverse Excellence

Davis is a legendary civil rights activist who was heavily engaged in the Black power movements throughout the 60s.

Nominations open for career impact awards

The Career & Professional Development Center is calling for nominations for its annual Career Impact Awards.

Black History Month events

Learn, grow and get involved with Black History Month at the U.

Pioneering the future: Better health for populations

Read about how University of Utah Health is creating interventions and understanding behavior to make a difference for tens of thousands to millions.

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5 book recommendations for Black History Month

Excellent books by well known authors.

BANFF Centre Mountain Film Festival returns virtually

Content from the 2020 virtual BANFF Centre Mountain Film Festival content may be rented and streamed by members of the U community.

Become a SafeU Ambassador

Students can apply now for the 2021-22 school year.

Becoming an Entrepreneur: Passion led me to start my own business

Personal passions led this Career Coach to start her own business. Register for an Entrepreneurship Panel Feb. 11, 2021.

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Self-Compassion for BIPOC: Healing in Community
A Conversation with Congressman Blake Moore
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