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20 Moments of 2020

A look at 20 challenging, anxious, sometimes sad, historic and joyous moments of 2020.

Celebrating student achievements

The University of Utah recognizes more than 18,000 students for achievements in 2020.

The Year in “zUUm” Talks

This was the year we took Zoom to a whole new level.

Top stories of 2020: Member of campus community tests positive for COVID-19

Information to protect the campus community.

Top stories of 2020: U to celebrate 8,628 graduates at 2020 virtual commencement

A campus-wide virtual commencement will take place on Thursday, April 30, at 6:30 p.m.

Top stories of 2020: Our goal of an anti-racist campus

We want to highlight concrete actions we are taking to achieve our goal of an anti-racist 21st century campus grounded in equity and inclusion.

Top stories of 2020: History made at the University of Utah

The U welcomes its largest, most diverse freshman class and sets a record-high enrollment.

Top stories of 2020: Why the vice presidential debate matters to Utah

On Oct. 7, 2020, the vice presidential candidates will take the stage at Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah campus.

Top stories of 2020: How to think positively when it feels like the world is falling apart

Pandemics, tragedies and disasters aren’t going away anytime soon. But positive thinking can help you cope.

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Spring 2021 town halls

Monthly town halls will be held via Zoom.

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Keeping you ‘In Good Health’

Customized health news you want when you want it.

Friday Forums: Thank U

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion recognizes U community members who have led Friday Forums breakout sessions.

USS initiative aims to recruit, retain more diverse staff

University Support Services is working on an equity, diversity and inclusion jobs initiative to address it.

Managing emergencies: Behind the scenes

The past few months have brought new challenges for emergency managers.

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