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Catalyst for safety

The College of Science and Office of Environmental Health and Safety have enacted creative solutions to rebuild a culture of lab safety—and it has paid dividends in implementing safeguards for COVID-19.

Time to test

All students are asked to get a COVID-19 test before Thanksgiving.

What makes us the U? Resilience, compassion and dedication

The U community remains united by a shared commitment to freedom of speech, academic inquiry, pursuit of knowledge, diversity, inclusion and innovation.

U teacher prep program earns an ‘A’

The program gets top marks for its strong training in classroom management and quality clinical practice experiences.

Art in a time of angst: The antidote of looking

Find your oasis in the UMFA galleries.

College of Engineering Dean Rich Brown receives Presidential Endowed Chair

Brown has been dean at the college for nearly two decades.

Next-gen astronomical survey makes its first observations

U astronomers are partners in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which enters a new phase in an effort to map the sky.

ICYMI: Establishing anti-racist policy

ICYMI: A recap of the second Friday Forum on Racism in Higher Education.

Always welcome at the U

A virtual town hall meeting is scheduled to address questions and concerns from international students and scholars.

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Travel restrictions extended

The University of Utah is currently restricting all business travel, including having guests on campus, through March 15, 2021.

IRS limits for 2021

It’s never too late to start thinking about the future.

Find your flu shot!

The cost of the flu shot is covered at 100% by the University’s Employee Health Care Plan.

Karl Schwede named fellow of American Mathematical Society

Karl Schwede honored for contributions to mathematics.

Avoid incorrect odometer reading fee

Visit Fleet Services’ website to learn more about fueling procedures and more.

Qualtrics software is now free for the U community

CARES Act funding is being used to provide the software for free until December 31, 2024.

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What you need to know about safety warnings

Safety warnings are required to be sent when certain crimes present a serious or continuing threat to the campus community. This FAQ answers questions that arise.

Maintaining excellence through challenge

Three individuals and four programs have received the U’s 2020 Beacons of Excellence Awards.

Senate Summary | November 2020

If you missed the November Academic Senate meeting, then read all the highlights here.

Animals of the U

The 2021 calendar is available now for purchase online or at the Campus Store.

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The Politics of COVID in Latin America
Access to Justice for Veterans
University of Utah 3i Global Health Symposium
How is disability included in diversity
Lee E. Teitelbaum Utah Law Review Symposium - The Law & Ethics of Medical Research (Part 1)
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