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SafeRide is going places

A new campus transportation service provides a safe and reliable ride on campus during night hours.

Suicide prevention: 3 ways to help

Social Work Professor Phillip Osteen offers insights on suicide prevention research and tips for getting help for someone who is at risk.

Relationships 101

The One Love Foundation visited campus to raise awareness among students about how to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Converting bags to beds

Kaitlin McLean, founder of the charitable organization Bags to Beds, is the recipient of the 2019 Ivory Prize for Excellence in Student Leadership.

U’s Farmers Market celebrates 12 years

The market, managed by the Sustainability Office, links local growers and artisans with the campus community and provides access to fresh, healthy, local produce and unique arts and crafts.

Is that ethical?

The Hinckley Institute of Politics will host the U’s inaugural Ethics Week today through Thursday.

Ethics for a connected world

Professor Joel Rosenthal—a celebrated scholar in international affairs—will visit the U on Sept. 12 for the 2019 Tanner-McMurrin Lecture focusing on how technological achievement will set the pace for the future.

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October is #SafeU Month

President Watkins has designated October as SafeU Month, an opportunity for the entire campus to engage in safety awareness, education and training.

Participate in a research climate survey

You are invited to participate in the University of Utah’s Survey of Organizational Research Climate.

Apply for staff scholarships now

Scholarship awards can be up to $1,250 and applications close Sept. 15, 2019.

Black Cultural Center grand opening

It took years of hard work and persistence, but the Black Cultural Center—designed as a transformative space for research, community building and support services for Black members of the U campus community—is now a reality.

Paula Florez Salcedo awarded AAUW International Fellowship

As doctoral candidate in Neurobiology at University of Utah Health, she will pursue academic work and lead innovative community projects to empower women and girls

Proper lab attire

Long pants, complete foot covering shoes, safety glasses, lab coats and gloves are the minimum personal protective gear that must be worn.

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Construction & Commuter Updates

Road construction near the Huntsman Cancer Hospital starting soon.

U alums and UMFA challenge anti-Islamic bias

The Emerald Project and new “Ummah” exhibit aim to promote understanding of Islam and to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims by separating Islam, culture and politics.

The importance of good nutrition

That little packet of oatmeal you had for breakfast is 30% sugar. Really. Nutritionist Thunder Jalili shares the one simple fact about eating healthier.

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Art tours for book lovers
Hooplaza with free food and prizes
Second Amendment debate
Adventure and Activism
Gould Lecture
Social Impact Investing
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