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Fall semester schedule changes due to COVID-19

Limiting interactions could limit infections.

Comet NEOWISE lit up skies and social media

Comet NEOWISE blazed across the skies of the northern hemisphere and won’t return for 6,800 years. If you missed it, never fear—the University of Utah community captured stunning photos of this once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event.

Largest 3-D map of the universe ever created

The results are measurements of more than 2 million galaxies and quasars covering 11 billion years of cosmic time.

Faculty selected for presidential leadership program

The program’s goal is to foster talented, emerging leaders with administrative potential.

Gamma-ray scientists bring distant stars into focus

For the first time in nearly 50 years, stellar intensity interferometry has been used to take the measure of the stars.

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Coursera enrollment extension

There is still time to enroll in free Coursera classes online.

Sustain biodiversity from your phone

Get outside, collect data and digitally connect with the Natural History Museum of Utah, all while staying safe and spatially distanced.

Partners in the parking lot

University Neighborhood Partners has two family friendly events left this summer.

Marriott Library opening soon

Phased reopening starts Aug. 3.

Huntsman Cancer Institute receives renewal of prestigious designation

The designation as a Comprehensive Cancer Center is the highest level of recognition awarded by the National Cancer Institute.

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Humans of the U: Nancy Butler Songer

The College of Education’s new dean brings experience in creating deeply engaging and valuable STEM educational experiences.

Return to Campus: Testing, tracing, and metrics that matter

Faculty, staff and students attended the third webinar on the University of Utah’s Return: Testing, tracing, and metrics that matter.

Off season: A virtual fundraiser

This event is the first performance of its kind for UtahPresents.

Los alumnos de 5º y 6º grado experimentan las carreras de sus sueños en el Día Imagine U

Una experiencia profesional demuestra que la educación secundaria es posible cuando los estudiantes siguen sus pasiones.

Is “second-guessing” a hard-wired behavior? Mouse study offers clues

Have you ever made a decision that, in hindsight, seemed irrational? A new study with mice, which could have implications for people, suggests that some decisions are, to a certain extent, beyond their control. Rather, the mice are hard-wired to make them. “This research is telling us that animals are constrained in the decisions they […]

When the air outside is bad, is it still clean inside?

New air sensors across campus will try to answer that question.

5th and 6th graders experience their dream careers at Imagine U Day

A catered career experience illustrates that secondary education is obtainable when students follow their passions.

Link between cardiovascular health & disorders such as carpal tunnel

People with higher risks of cardiovascular disease are significantly more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and rotator cuff tendinitis.

Newly discovered brain mechanism linked to anxiety, OCD

A new study shows that, like buttons on a game controller, specific microglia populations activate anxiety and OCSD behaviors while others dampen them.

Annual summer fire drill and evacuation exercise

For most building occupants, the exercise is “no-notice” – the pull station is activated, the horns and strobes activate, and persons within the building follow the protocol to exit the building.

Associate provost named to oversee institutional planning

Keith Diaz Moore is an interdisciplinary, award-winning architectural educator and researcher with expertise in community and campus design

An unexpected climate solution

Nathaniel Witham, first-place winner of the Wilkes Center Student Innovation Prize, will use the $20K purse to scale up his device that uses natural fluctuations in Earth’s temperature to generate electricity.

The U to celebrate Juneteenth – an important event in America’s multi-layered evolution story

On June 20, 2023, the U will pay tribute to Juneteenth National Independence Day in honor of the day when the last enslaved individuals in the country were notified of their emancipation.

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Faith + Doubt Support Group
Be Well Utah - Playtime is Our Time!
Virtual Get Involved Fair
Lassonde Information Session & Tour
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