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ASUU and U Facilities strive for menstrual equity together

The U becomes the first public university in Utah to supply free menstrual products in all campus restrooms.

State safety audit supports idea of campus departments

The state legislative auditors did not recommend Utah’s colleges and universities switch to contracting for law enforcement.

SCALE-UP supports COVID testing in underserved communities

New initiatives awarded $4.7 million to encourage COVID-19 testing in communities and schools.

A look back at Utah’s past with the UMFA and the Marriott Library

Three new digital exhibitions use art and archival objects to reveal new insights into our region’s cultural, environmental and political history.

U establishes Edna Anderson-Taylor Communication Institute

A generous donation from “Miss Julie,” will secure the communication institute’s long-term impact.

Autism support for the Black community

A study reports the effectiveness of a support system for, and developed by, Black parents of children with autism.

Preventing web-like NETs from clogging blood vessels could improve stroke outcomes

Research in mice suggests a window of opportunity to prevent additional brain damage following a stroke.

Humans of the U: Vishwa Srinivasan

A student’s dream will become reality on May 21 in downtown Salt Lake City.

Protecting the truth

These events emphasize the importance of holding each other accountable for truthfully honoring the legacy of Holocaust victims.

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Apply to be a SafeU Ambassador

This opportunity is perfect for students that are passionate about gaining valuable leadership experience and making impactful changes on campus safety.

Get in on new games from EAE

This event is an opportunity for our students to show their finished games to the public.

New Rule 4-050B requires security and accessibility reviews for software that handles restricted data

The rule is in effect as of April 4, 2022.

Summer Send-Off from the Campus Store

The Summer Send Off event will be hosted outside the South Plaza of the main campus on Tuesday, April 26.

New newsletter for researchers

Information about new opportunities, resources, highlights and more.

New scholarship created for single parents

A gift from Heidi and Greg Miller will create a single-parent cohort at the U.

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Dean of David Eccles School of Business announced

Rachel Hayes, Ph.D., has accepted an offer to serve as dean for a two-year term.

Sustainability research grants

This opportunity directly connects researchers with U Facilities representatives in a true OneU cross-campus collaboration.

Stay safe as we end spring semester

Let’s all work together to keep COVID-19 cases down and move forward as a community to celebrate how far we’ve come.

Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Misconduct

Results from the U’s fourth sexual assault climate survey.

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A Holocaust Survivor Story
CSBS Student Research Day
McCluskey Center for Violence Prevention End of Year Celebration
City Nature Challenge
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