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Does life exist on other planets?

By researching ecosystems that resemble the parts of space most likely to harbor life, such as Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Enceladus, astrobiologists can better understand where the universe could support life.

A powerful transformation

After just one year in the School for Cultural and Social Transformation, the number of Disability Studies minors has doubled.

Heart failure support teams

A team approach to cardiac care increases the chance of surviving severe complications from a heart attack.

Handcrafted innovative skating gear

A national short track team skater and an Olympic medalist and U entrepreneur student are modernizing the speed skating market.

Improving the odds of synthetic chemistry success

U chemists show how analyzing chemical reaction data can predict how reactions may proceed, potentially saving valuable time and resources in chemical research.

Limitation exposed in promising quantum computing material

Metallic surfaces are no longer protected as topological insulators become thinner.

Researchers solve how cells unfold proteins

The structure found may be used to advance efforts in developing more effective inhibitors and treatment of cancers.

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Volunteers needed for UCREW

Housing & Residential Education is currently seeking support from university students, staff and faculty to help students move into their rooms.

Kevin Taylor Memorial Service Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2019-20 award, established to recognize superior service and ongoing contributions by UIT employees.

Firework restrictions

The university and surrounding Salt Lake City neighborhoods are prohibited from using any kind of fireworks during the July holidays.

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Construction & Commuter Updates

Road construction near the Huntsman Cancer Hospital starting soon.

Livongo for Diabetes

This additional health plan program helps make living with diabetes easier.

What is mental health anyway?

Kevin Curtis, a licensed clinical social worker and the director of Crisis Services at U of U Health, joins Scope to discuss mental health and managing stress.

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University of Utah Health Farmers’ Market
Red Butte Garden Outdoor Concert Series
Sundance Institute Summer Film Series
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