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Exploring ‘purpose’

Vice President Joe Biden will speak at the U as part of MUSE’s theme year.

Utah Football headed to Holiday Bowl

Utah Football’s 125th season has proven to be an historic one with the program’s first-ever Pac-12 South title and a trip to the Holiday Bowl.

Two ‘blitz kids’ honored

Arnie Ferrin and Wat Misaka, members of the U’s 1940s legendary basketball team, receive Lifetime Achievement Awards and recognition.

10 tips for managing finals week

U counselors share tips for taking care of your mental health at the end of the semester—and beyond.

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Ring in the holidays with concerts at the U
Ring in the holidays with concerts at the U
How to create a cancer care package
How to create a cancer care package | Heating pads can cause second-degree burns | Should I get blood tests at my annual checkup?

Big ideas

The three finalists in the U’s American Dream Ideas Challenge now have a chance at $1 million.

What drove Africa’s megaherbivores to extinction?

This video features new research that disputes the decades-long view that our human ancestors drove the demise of large mammals in Africa over the last several million years.