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Classroom, community, country: Remembering Brent Taylor

Taylor, who was killed while on military duty, was a U grad student and North Ogden’s mayor.

UTech one-day sale

On Wednesday, Nov. 14, at the University Campus Store and the University Campus Store Health in HSEB, all Apple products will be available tax-free for U faculty and staff.

International Education Week 2018

Join in on a week of events that prepare students for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study.

A Legacy of passion and pride

The 2019 university calendar chronicles 125 years of Utah Football.

Academic Senate recap | U MBA ranked by Bloomberg | U bioethicist named to National Science Board | 2018 Utah Athletes in Service honored | U food drive | Upcoming Teaching Committee deadlines | Crimson Outing Club | Artist-in-Residence at Taft-Nicholson Center applications | Marty Shaub named IAEM-USA president | Crimson Lagoon closing | Half-off fitness classes
A Healthier U
Sports injuries and age | Rubbing your eyes is bad | Kids can have high blood pressure, too
HR Updates
Increased IRS contribution limits for 2019 | Get your flu shot | WellU reminder
‘The Story of Everything’
Slam poet and MIT physicist Kealoha brings “The Story of Everything” to the U | Cuba documentary screens at UMFA this Wednesday
Holiday festivities and decorations
If departmental celebrations include food, please consult the campus food safety guide as you plan your menus

Mesoamerica comes to the U

Maya experts from around the world will convene at the U for the Mesoamerican Conference that focuses on preclassic Maya history between 2000 B.C. and 250 A.D.

Uniting in shared experiences

The Global Campus Program is one of many programs organized to introduce the U to an international audience.

An uncommon space

Gardner Commons celebrates its role at center of campus collaboration.