Research Roundtable: ‘Carbon Capture in the Built Environment’ Part 2

Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019
3-5 p.m. (Workshop) | Marriott Park Hotel, Amphitheater Room (1st floor)
5-6 p.m. (No host social hour) | Marriott Park Hotel, Wakara Lounge
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This is the second Research Roundtable bringing together researchers interested in transforming the built environment from a major carbon emitter to net carbon sink through an interdisciplinary approach.

Research Leads: Sarah Hinners (Architecture + Planning) and Kevin Whitty (Chemical Engineering)

Facilitator: Brenda Bowen (Global Change and Sustainability Center)


  • Sarah Hinners – mass timber harvest
  • Kevin Whitty – technology that incorporates CO2 capture
  • Sameer Rao– energy conversion and storage
  • Tabitha Benney – energy and environmental politics
  • Pratt Rogers – computational intelligence and life-cycle analysis

Participation activity

Please come prepared to:

  • Identify the emerging frontiers in carbon capture within your field.
  • Describe research around carbon capture that you find exciting.
  • Detail the expertise you are looking for in a collaborator that would help you move forward.